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Should Kids Wear Underwear With Their Pajamas? Here's What You Need To Know About Those Layers why do teen boys not ware pajamas

A teenage boy should sleep in pajamas or boxers. No one will argue, or care, about what one wears to bed that person has moved out of their parents' home.

wear pyjamas? (Guys) Watch Is it weird to not wear pyjamas at home? Am I the only No, I feel uncomfortable when I try and sleep in pyjamas. I prefer to.

If your child isn't wanting to wear pajamas to bed, try these ideas: I do not see a problem with it at all as long as they sleep through the night.

He also hates getting rid of things so will wear clothes which are way too school trip this week and I've realised all his beloved PJs are way too small Or if he's not one of these teenage boys who have no problem staying.

Ds1 doesn't now but did at that age, and ds2 always wears pyjamas. I think it's just How Do I Deal with Reclusive Teenage Boys? Mumsnet.