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fuck microsoft

You and your aids fucking updates actually broke my laptop. Like what the fuck?! When I call up support they just tell me unfortunately there's nothing they can.

(Microsoft Corp Sucks). Fucking idiots - Me, , [ ] [*] (Microsoft Corp Sucks) · Windows 10 is a steaming piece of stinking gooey messy SHIT.

It's no secret that Microsoft has been aggressively pushing Windows 10 to They don't give a fuck about their users, and they've proved it so.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK MICROSOFT?!! I go to log into my laptop: me: *enter the pin* Windows: Error me: Ok let's try the password Win: WRONG.

I am so fucking done with this microsoft bullshit! Hear me out here, i am a gamer. I need windows because it has the games (and software to aid those games).