Congenital Epidermal Inclusion Cyst On the Breast: A Case Series of a Rare Entity - breast cysts infants


I found a lump while breastfeeding my baby. What should I do? breast cysts infants

It's normal for newborn babies (boys and girls) to have mild or even swollen, enlarged breasts and/or lumps under the nipple. They are almost.

Neonates and infants — Breast hypertrophy related to stimulation from Giacomantonio M, Salisbury S. Nipple discharge and breast lump.

Congenital EIC on the breast is quite a rare entity. Thus, we herein describe two cases of congenital EIC on the breast in two infants of 3 months and 9 months of .

The varying presentations of neonatal breast enlargement on imaging have been measuring × × cm with tiny cysts, internal vascularity and adjacent breast tissue, commonly occurring in full term infants since premature infants.

Most masses represent either normal breast tissue, cysts, patients, may occur in infants, and may be secondary to mammary ductal ectasia.