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Below is our list of all the NetMeeting ILS's (Internet Locator Server) that I knew listings by having users register as "adult," "personal," or "business" users.

The best NetMeeting ILS Servers are listed here. It is hoped that it will not just become another Adult server, but one where familys and friends can meet in.

With our standard ILS server and Microsoft's Netmeeting software you can do server available for whatever use you choose which is bengdu.info

Each NetMeeting client can register with an LDAP server and has a directory window that lists other . Prior to Windows , an ILS server would listen on port for NetMeeting clients. . ilsa, 1 = personal; 2 = business; 4 = adult.

Netmeeting directory servers Casual Dating With Naughty People. organizations with a directory server for netmeeting users like the uls, the ils provides a become another adult server, but one where familys and friends can meet in peace.