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Louisiana's 'Raise the Age' law takes effect, year-olds to be tried as juveniles louisiana adult laws

The age at which an individual is considered an adult in the eyes of the law, or the "age of majority," is 18 in most states, including Louisiana. For those under the.

Becoming an adult comes with new rights and responsibilities in Louisiana. is intended to give you helpful information, but is not a complete guide to the law.

Adult Protective Services (APS) is responsible for investigating reports and arranging for Useful Hotline Numbers; Louisiana Adult Protective Services Laws.

The Adult Protective Services Reporting Law, Louisiana R.S. , requires all Louisianans to report abuse, neglect, exploitation, and extortion of adults with .

(The law does not specify grounds for such a transfer or factors to be considered.) The adult court's jurisdiction encompasses both the charged offenses and.