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Flea Beetle Life Cycle. Flea beetles have one generation per year in western Canada, although adults appear twice during the.

Life cycle of flea beetles. Flea beetles live through the winter as adults in leaf litter , hedgerows, windbreaks and wooded areas. many flea beetles on a collard.

The flea beetle is a small, jumping beetle of the leaf beetle family (Chrysomelidae ), that makes Adult flea beetles feed externally on plants, eating the surface of the leaves, stems and petals. Under heavy feeding the small . Data sources: i = ITIS, c = Catalogue of Life, g = GBIF, b = bengdu.info Apteropeda orbiculata.

Life Cycle. Adult flea beetles overwinter near where they emerged. They will overwinter in plant debris and weed hosts. The potato and tuber flea beetles usually.

Many species of flea beetles are found throughout the U.S. They are small Life Cycle. Adults overwinter in the soil or garden debris and become active in the.