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Yes, growing I got a lot of bare bottom spankings over mom's knees and some laying on the bed for a belting from dad. In my adult life usually my wife and.

Bare Bottom Spankings book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Molly catches Amy stealing and as her supervisor it is.

Away from spanking, I'm a light-hearted, mild-mannered chap. the daytime freedom) in my late 40s, and I have loved spanking women's bare bottoms for of doing something to another adult that ought not to be happening.

Adult bare bottom spankings are to be given, enjoyed and cherished. A sound bare bottom spanking could remind her how much you care about her!.

Misguided, misinformed or just misbehaving? If so bare bottom adult spanking is there for you. Is it a bare bottom punishment spanking that the.